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Growing Vegetables

Blushing with pride!

It’s a busy day in the garden as I tackle the building of the new veggie patch. In fact, despite the hard work it is pretty exciting to be finally getting on with it. Whilst down the end of the … Continue reading

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Burning stuff on the barbie – Chargrilled Eggplant Dip

I love eggplant! I also love garlic, so this dip recipe suits me just fine. What’s great about this dip is the chargrilling of the eggplant, this really enhances the flavour. I also add the smoker box to the barbie to … Continue reading

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Spuds Ahoy!

We live pretty close to Tesselaar Nurseries and this year I managed to get a load of seed potatoes direct from the shop, some at half price in their clearance sale. I’m trying growing spuds in bags this year. I have grown … Continue reading

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The sweet taste of success

Maybe I am a sad, mad or a mix of the two, because harvesting produce from my garden brings me a remarkable amount of joy, no matter how humble the fruit or veg! Today I picked the tomato from the … Continue reading

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Tomatoes, my goodness I seem to be having a little success!

Back in November I posted my hopes that maybe having a greenhouse in which to grow my tomatoes may give me some success after a few years of bad luck with weather and blight. This week has been wonderful as … Continue reading

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A Frugal twist on Beetroot from Frugal Feeding

As the wife of a Beetroot mad husband, and don’t under estimate how much my husband loves beetroot, can you imagine my delight when my chum at the Frugal Feeding Blog posted a recipe for Beetroot Cupcakes? This was two … Continue reading

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The first harvest from the Greenhouse

It may only be one humble cucumber, but this is a cucumber I have lovingly tended myself, so yes, I confess to being a little excited to pick my first produce. I grew a crystal apple cucumber in the veggie … Continue reading

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There’s a hole in my plant!

Things have been growing brilliantly in the greenhouse, but a number of plants are sporting leaves with chewed edges and holes. I’ve looked over the leaves, no bugs visible, so who’s been munching on my veggies? The culprit became evident … Continue reading

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It’s Broad Bean harvest time!

We had never bothered to try broad beans until last year. When we arrived at our new home the veggie patch had a number of crops developing, one of these was some beautifully fragrant broad beans. I would be weeding … Continue reading

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Under-nourished or over-watered?

I noticed this morning that one of my young Crystal Apple Cucumber plants was looking a little pale and yellow tinged. I feared that maybe they had suffered from over-watering as the irrigation timer appeared to have a mind of … Continue reading

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