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Basil, a very versatile herb

I have a number of herbs growing in the greenhouse and of all of these it is the basil that is the happiest and I have therefore found myself with a glut of this beautifully fragrant herb. If there is … Continue reading

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Blushing with pride!

It’s a busy day in the garden as I tackle the building of the new veggie patch. In fact, despite the hard work it is pretty exciting to be finally getting on with it. Whilst down the end of the … Continue reading

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Burning stuff on the barbie – Chargrilled Eggplant Dip

I love eggplant! I also love garlic, so this dip recipe suits me just fine. What’s great about this dip is the chargrilling of the eggplant, this really enhances the flavour. I also add the smoker box to the barbie to … Continue reading

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The sweet taste of success

Maybe I am a sad, mad or a mix of the two, because harvesting produce from my garden brings me a remarkable amount of joy, no matter how humble the fruit or veg! Today I picked the tomato from the … Continue reading

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A Frugal twist on Beetroot from Frugal Feeding

As the wife of a Beetroot mad husband, and don’t under estimate how much my husband loves beetroot, can you imagine my delight when my chum at the Frugal Feeding Blog posted a recipe for Beetroot Cupcakes? This was two … Continue reading

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Pavlova – The Australian Traditional Dessert

The story goes that when the great Russian ballerina, Anna Pavlova, visited Australia in 1935, Herbert Sachse, the chef of the Hotel Esplanade in Perth knocked up a dessert in her honour. I understand the New Zealander’s also make a … Continue reading

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A taste of Frugal Feeding – Pappardelle with Buttery Mushrooms

I’m a follower of fellow blogger Frugalfeeding, his recipes are low cost and super delicious. During our recent trip to Prahran Market we bought some fresh Pappardelle Pasta, then to my delight Frugalfeeding posted a recipe for this wonderful pasta. … Continue reading

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Chocolate Ripple Cake – An Aussie Traditional No-Bake Dessert

This Australian Dessert is more a recipe of construction rather than cooking, as it is a matter of sticking bits together with no baking at all! No bake is ideal for the summer climate here in Australia, it just isn’t … Continue reading

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The first harvest from the Greenhouse

It may only be one humble cucumber, but this is a cucumber I have lovingly tended myself, so yes, I confess to being a little excited to pick my first produce. I grew a crystal apple cucumber in the veggie … Continue reading

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It’s Broad Bean harvest time!

We had never bothered to try broad beans until last year. When we arrived at our new home the veggie patch had a number of crops developing, one of these was some beautifully fragrant broad beans. I would be weeding … Continue reading

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