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Harvesting the beekeeper’s elixir, sweet golden honey!

Last month, I wrote a post about my day enjoying the amazing teachings of Alf, the beekeeper, at Upper Beaconsfield Apiaries. I had such a fantastic day and came away with a fuelled ambition to have my own hive. Since … Continue reading

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Shattered Dreams

Having fulfilled my dream of being the proud owner of a wonderful 12 x 8 foot greenhouse, I have been working away in my little sheltered paradise. For the first time I was having great success with all sorts of … Continue reading

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Basil, a very versatile herb

I have a number of herbs growing in the greenhouse and of all of these it is the basil that is the happiest and I have therefore found myself with a glut of this beautifully fragrant herb. If there is … Continue reading

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Growing sticks – A cheap and easy cat and bird deterring trick

Now before you all get worked up, I am a cat lover, I am even a slave to a house cat named Polly. But, I am a gardener and a gardener’s worst enemy is the neighbourhood cat that thinks your … Continue reading

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The Ladies Only Club

No Cockerels allowed! So, what do you need to do to become a member of the exclusive Emerald Garden Ladies Only Club? The qualifications required for membership to the club are as follows:- Ladies only Eat up the veggies and … Continue reading

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Setting up the new Veggie Patch

Here I sit with aching back and aching arms. Actually most of my muscles feel sore. And my knees, they hurt thanks to a ill behaved wheel barrow having a game with gravity and clattering into them! I may ache, … Continue reading

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Getting a buzz, naturally!

Last Saturday I put a big old tick against one of my “Bucket-List” items. On a fine, somewhat warm day I donned a white overall over my clothes, tucked it into thick white socks and pulled a net hood over … Continue reading

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Blushing with pride!

It’s a busy day in the garden as I tackle the building of the new veggie patch. In fact, despite the hard work it is pretty exciting to be finally getting on with it. Whilst down the end of the … Continue reading

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Burning stuff on the barbie – Chargrilled Eggplant Dip

I love eggplant! I also love garlic, so this dip recipe suits me just fine. What’s great about this dip is the chargrilling of the eggplant, this really enhances the flavour. I also add the smoker box to the barbie to … Continue reading

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Spuds Ahoy!

We live pretty close to Tesselaar Nurseries and this year I managed to get a load of seed potatoes direct from the shop, some at half price in their clearance sale. I’m trying growing spuds in bags this year. I have grown … Continue reading

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