The Ladies Only Club

No Cockerels allowed!

So, what do you need to do to become a member of the exclusive Emerald Garden Ladies Only Club?

The qualifications required for membership to the club are as follows:-

  1. Ladies only
  2. Eat up the veggies and grain and turn it into soil improver
  3. Eat up the bugs and slugs that cause so much damage in the Emerald Garden
  4. Lay an egg at least every other day.
  5. And most importantly, be cute!

If you have said yes to all 5 points, then welcome you are free to join the club!

Once in the club you get to enjoy the following perks:-

  • Meals served in the morning, with the occasional midday snack, but always a little treat at bedtime.
  • A safe and protected club house and play area
  • Fresh water served as required
  • Soft clean bedding to snuggle in at night, or to sit to lay that all important egg.
  • Cuddles if you are that way inclined
  • Company of fellow club members, there are no unfamiliar faces in this club.

Meet the members

There are currently six members of the Ladies Only Club.

FlorenceSalmon Faverolles

Florence the Faverolles

Florence is an absolute sweetheart, she is inquisitive, docile, sociable and very entertaining in her behaviour. You can guarantee that if you are doing something in or near the hen house, she’ll be there at the wire chatting away to you.

The Faverolles (yes, it has an ‘s’ even though she is our only one) are different in that they have five toes instead of the usual four and their feet are feathered.

Buffy the eggs-layerBuff Sussex

I know, a very corny name.  You can blame my husband for that groan you found yourself making.

Buffy the eggs-layer - Buff Sussex

Buffy is a bit of a loner. She is not as keen to be around us and is often the one who makes  being put to bed at night a bit of a Benny Hill moment!

She is quite different from her fellow Sussex Alba. Alba is a Light Sussex and is a bigger built bird.

AlbaLight Sussex

Alba - Light Sussex

Alba is, along with Florence, our favourite of the bunch. She is very docile and is often under your feet as you try to go about your chores.

Alba is not bothered by the affection I dote on her, she calmly accepts the cuddles and will even let me cradle her on her back like a babe in arms!

Her biggest sin…. she is the broodiest of our flock!

Scarlet & RubyWyandotte x Rhode Island Red

Ruby - Wyandotte x Rhode Island Red

Ruby is a slightly darker red than her sister Scarlet. She is a curious hen, as her picture shows. This shot was captured as she was fascinated by the beep the camera made when the focus locked.

Ruby and Scarlet - Wyandotte x RIR

Don’t ask me which one is Scarlet in this shot, the difference in the depth of their feather colour is only slight and in the shade of the passionfruit that grows over the chook run, I can’t see that difference at all.

Both girls are not really what I would call docile, they pretty much mind their own business. They are both pickles to catch too!


Olive with Alba, they are both currently broody

Olive gets her name not just because she is black, she also has a slightly more compact body than the others, I wouldn’t say round, but that’s the sort of shape.

At first Glance Olive is just a plain black chook, but get her into the sunshine and her beauty becomes apparent. Her feathers shimmer with greens and  purples and the markings of the wyandotte are seen almost as shadows in the plume.  It’s as if she is oily, hence Olive!

So, why is it a ladies only club?

Most folks here keep a cockerel in their flock. We have never had a male. In England and to some extent where we lived in France, the neighbours were sensitive to the noise the cockerels make at silly-o-clock in the morning. So, for the sake of good neighbourly relationships we stuck to hens.

Despite the freedom to own a cockerel here in the Emerald Garden, we currently can’t see the point.

  • The males can be incredibly aggressive and can cause terrible injury to people with the spurs on the back of their legs.
  • If you let the hens hatch young, the percentage of male chicks is stupidly high, leaving you to find homes for them or having to cull the poor little chirpers.

For now then, the club will remain…..

Ladies Only!

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11 Responses to The Ladies Only Club

  1. Lovely to meet the ladies, they are all gorgeous 🙂

  2. I love your little family:) They look in such perfect health, but that must be because of the tlc you give them:)
    btw, I did blog for your 7 links award yesterday… just so you know:)
    xo Smidge

  3. Daddyo says:

    well! your flock looks well,i can think of better birds to look at on the old internet, but Hey Ho I’m Blogging, is that what they call it?, love you lots Dad x

  4. Sue McB says:

    Lovely ladies..chooks are the best! My last flock had a couple of Light Sussex girls named Bodil and Dorothea, great birds but always clucky. I also had some Gold Campines and Silver Dorkings, both beautiful breeds but not such good layers. Now I have 6 Isa Browns – and egg a day from each so they can buy their own grain with the proceeds of sales to my friends – they are gentle, friendly and happy to be cuddled too. All back gardens needs chooks!

    • You are right there Sue McB, Chooks are fab!

      We choose heritage breed birds to do our bit to support the breeders of these wonderful pure bred “old” chooks.

      We also chose them because, although they are not ones for high volumes of eggs, they do lay over a longer period in their life span. And, with it being just the two of us we don’t need too many eggs.Selling our eggs is not so easy as almost every one up here in the hills has chooks roaming their gardens.

      Interesting that your Light Sussex girls were also very clucky. I love that term “Clucky”. Now I have had broody hens I appreciate the term more. The noise they make is so unique and totally “Cluck”.

      I actually feel sorry for the Clucky girls, they put so much of themselves into sitting on “nothing” you’d think the lack of an egg would put them off. I suppose intelligence is not a word that springs to mind when you think “chicken”.

  5. gardenerat60 says:

    The lady members look very cute and regal. I don’t think I can compete with them for the membership. The perks are so inviting, but I fail to qualify.
    Lovely collection. Never saw such cute members 🙂

  6. I always learn something new when I read your blog. The last two have taught me about the birds and the bees. OK, they are hens, but they’re still birds. I can almost imagine myself in your beautiful garden and that makes me feel a lot better on a very cold winter’s night with snow approaching. Thank you for the momentary mental break from winter.

    • Thanks Paprika, I am glad my post helped during your cold winter. You can do the same for me when your summer arrives!

      I love snow, but only if it clears after a couple of days. There is nothing more miserable than being snowed in and having to have snow boots and ski wear dripping dry around the house.

      Please do a snow related post when the snow arrives so I can see the pics!

      • We had a freak snow storm in October and I wrote a post about that called Roughing It in the Great Indoors

        Hopefully that will satisfy your snow craving until I have another snow related post. We’re expecting a snowstorm tonight into tomorrow. They are being very cagey about the amounts of snow and ice we’re supposed to get. We’ll have to wait and see what Mother Nature delivers. If I take any good photos, I’ll share them with you.

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