Spuds Ahoy!

We live pretty close to Tesselaar Nurseries and this year I managed to get a load of seed potatoes direct from the shop, some at half price in their clearance sale.

I’m trying growing spuds in bags this year. I have grown them in large wire cages in the past and had some success, so thought the bags would be worth a go.

For the very first time I chitted the seed potatoes before planting them out. I am not sure that it really makes much difference. Next time I will do a 50/50 experiment to find out.

As I had so many seed potatoes I also popped some into two of the beds at the bottom of the garden. I used pea straw and sheep manure to cover them.

I have had a rummage about in the bags and there are a few small spuds. But it is the somewhat neglected spuds in the beds that have started to get to a good enough size to harvest.

This week I pushed aside the straw and collected four decent sized White Exton

Cooked, they turned out beautifully creamy. I mashed them with some butter and seasoning.

Delicious, I hope we have lots more to follow.

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