From little things big things grow

Before Christmas I took myself on a little adventure to St Heliers Convent in Abbortsford, Melbourne.

Whilst there I discovered the most magnificent looking tree I have ever seen. At the time I had no idea what kind of tree it was, only that it was incredibly beautiful. In fact, to me, it was unbelievably beautiful.

The tree was completely covered in the most vibrant lilac blue blooms. And it was no small specimen either, even with the large convent building as its back-drop it looked huge for a flowering tree.

The glorious Jacaranda tree at St. Heliers Convent

I later found out that the tree is a Jacaranda. It is commonly used to line streets here in Australia, which must look awesome when they all come into bloom.

Having been smitten by its beauty, I set about finding out more. Could I buy a small tree? Could I grow it in my little spot in the hills? Are they a challenge to grow?

I was thrilled to read that the Jacaranda is a very easy tree to grow, it is fast growing and should not be pruned, it should be left to do its own thing, perfect. But then came the blow, the Jacaranda needs a frost free location! Here in the hills the winter months bring a few icy days and according to the literature this would promptly kill a Jacaranda.

So, I sadly put my dream of having this wonderful tree blooming into my garden out of my mind. Until…. a trip to the DIY store and a walk around the plant department found me stood with a small pot containing a tiny Jacaranda tree. It was only about $3, that was it… the decision was made!

Jacaranda Mimosifolia

Now why did I go ahead and buy a tree that cannot possibly survive in my garden? Well, here is my thinking:-

  • The Jacaranda tree is currently tiny
  • I have a greenhouse to protect it from frost
  • It should take a good while to get to any sort of size that it needs to go in the ground
  • We can move to a frost free zone when my Jacaranda tree is too big for my greenhouse (not sure how Hubby is going to respond to this part of the plan!)

With my plan in place, all I need to do now is “not kill it”.

I will do my best to nurture my tiny Jacaranda tree. In my imagination I see myself stood staring up at a beautiful lilac blue blooming Jacaranda tree and saying, “Isn’t it amazing, I bought this tree at Christmas 2011, it was just a tiny thing, now look at it!”

Maybe, just maybe, from this little thing a big thing may grow!

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8 Responses to From little things big things grow

  1. Pink Radish says:

    Great, way to go for it! I hope you keep us in the loop on the progress!

  2. J.C.V. says:

    Congratulations, you have won the 7 x 7 Award! Check it out here

  3. jeanne says:

    A little hope can blossom into great possibilities!!!

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  5. The photo of that blooming jacarunda tree is spectacular! We don’t have them here in the Northeast of the US. Good luck nurturing it in your greenhouse. Remember, gardening is all about patience.

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