The sweet taste of success

Maybe I am a sad, mad or a mix of the two, because harvesting produce from my garden brings me a remarkable amount of joy, no matter how humble the fruit or veg!

Today I picked the tomato from the grafted Grosse Lisse and two yellow cherry tomatoes from the tumbler plant. I snipped some basil that grows in the same pot as the toms and picked some sage flowers and a marigold.

For all the complex and fancy recipes that exist in this world, I confess that, more often than not, it is the simplest dishes that I enjoy in the most. And, the Caprese is super simple and oh so delish!

So, with much delight I sliced my home-grown toms and prepared an olive oil dressing using home-grown garlic and basil.

And here it is….

Caprese Emerald Garden Style

Buon appetito!

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7 Responses to The sweet taste of success

  1. Caprese is best when you use the freshest of ingredients. How much fresher can you get with all these cherry tomatoes, garlic and basil from your garden! I’m jealous! Any tips on how to grow cherry tomatoes? I live in Singapore. Not sure if the climate is suitable.

  2. jeanne says:

    Your toms are beautiful and your salad looks delicious. Where are you growing toms at this time of the year. We are in Texas and there are no fresh toms in site.

    • Hi Jeanne, I am in Melbourne, Australia, so everything is back to front and upside down!

      I think I may have caught the tom growing bug, I didn’t realise just how many varieties existed. Gonna need a bigger greenhouse me-thinks.

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