A day at a Canine Country Club with two happy dogs!

For a Christmas treat we booked our Brittany, Merlin and our English Cocker Spaniel, Bud, a day at Kepala Canine Country Club at Diggers Rest.

After two days of seriously wet and miserable weather we could not believe our luck when the sun appeared as we were getting ready to leave.

Diggers Rest is just over an hours drive from Emerald, a fairly straight forward journey on the freeway.

We arrived at 11am and we got a tour of the facilities, from the lagoon pool to where the toilets could be found. It was a very friendly and professional reception, but really, all we wanted to do was get on with the fun!

The boys started with a run in the agility paddock. They went nuts, charging here and there, chasing each other, chasing the little birds that flew by, they sure did look like two dogs in need of a day at the Country Club.

Once we drained a bit of their energy we took them to the lagoon pool for a cool off!

Merlin is a lover of the water and he enjoys diving and swimming enormously. Bud is new to the whole swimming malarky and was quick to wade in and have a swim, but no matter how he tried, he couldn’t find the courage to copy Merlin and dive in off the rocks.

Merlin diving into the lagoon pool

Bud tried mustering up the courage to dive, but couldn't do it!

For an hour the boys enjoyed the pool and the area around it. For Bud, the getting dry is as much fun as the getting wet.

Bud dries off, oh yeah baby!

Once done with the pool on went their Surf Dog Australia Beach Robes from Waggle

Merlin and Bud looking cool in their robes

Next up, we moved onto the play area, a big, fully fenced run, and boy did the boys run. There was a soccer ball and Hubby and I had a chance to play ourselves, kicking the ball back and forth and trying our best tackling tactics, much to the bemusement of our dogs!

Bud cuts loose!

We sat in the sunshine and munched our packed lunch of Turkey and Beetroot relish sandwiches, a reminder that Christmas day was behind us now.

Hubby with Bud and Merlin

Me and Bud and Merlin

With us fed, we headed back to the agility paddock and had some more fun. Merlin was keen to give the obstacles a go, and little Bud was keen to shadow him, but with four paws firmly on the ground!

Merlin works the agility course, coached by ground loving Bud!

Bud did have a go, he took it at a nice slow pace.

Bud on the See-Saw, slow but sure!

By this time, Bud was kaput and ready to lay in the shade.


And even, “ever-ready” Merlin was keen to chill for a while.

Looking cool Dude!

Our Dogs spent a fabulous day being dogs, running, playing and swimming, and we loved watching them have so much fun.

Kepala is so well set up. The enclosures are safe and entertaining, leaving dog owners to relax and concentrate on enjoying their dogs.

There is a BBQ area with tables looking out into the valley with Melbourne City Skyline on the horizon. It would be the perfect venue for a doggie get together.

If you live in or around Melbourne, Kepala is worth the drive.

Go on, cut your dogs loose too!

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4 Responses to A day at a Canine Country Club with two happy dogs!

  1. Vanilla Bean says:

    ruff…such fortunate pets to spend a day at a canine country club… glad to see that you’re havin a good time…you really had a nice dive Merlin and Bud, dawgs you really dry up in style… -Vanilla Bean

  2. Sue McB says:

    It is a good place – where my dogs go when I need kenneling.

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