Getting fruity and trying new things!

Gosh, what sort of blog has this become, the title sounds a little saucy!

It’s Christmas, and if you can’t be a little extravagant at Christmas, when can you?

We love shopping for fruit and veg here in Australia, as there are so many weird and wonderful things we have never seen or heard of before. So as a treat we popped a couple of these “never seen before” treats into our shopping basket.

Today we had our first taste of two amazing fruits, both had a tough outer skin and a fair sized stone at their heart.

The first fruit we tried was the Australian Achacha.

The Achacha is a new fruit in Australia, we had seen a documentary about the success in growing them in North Queensland and when we saw it at the grocers we had to try it.

Its official name is Achachairú, Garcinia humilis, and the fruit originates from the tropical Amazon Basin of Bolivia.

The fruit provides folate, potassium, riboflavin and vitamin C, but is not high in sugars.

We were very pleased that the fruit was sold in it’s own little bag telling us how to peel and eat it.

Score the skin and then gently twist to open the achacha

Once the skin is opened the white flesh is visible

Discard the skin and eat the fruit off the stone!

The Achacha fruit is very easy to open once the initial break in the skin is achieved.

The bag describes the fruit’s flavour as sweet, zesty and refreshing and this is what we experienced.

We thought the flavour had a prominent mandarin note that was interlaced with a tropical flavour that made us think pineapple, but we couldn’t put our finger on a way to describe it. The aroma of the fruit was very sweet, but this sweetness did not come through so strongly in the mouth, the juice made our mouths water and it is indeed very zesty.

The next fruit we tried was the spiky Rambutan Fruit.

The Rambutan Fruit

When looking up more information on the Rambutan I found it described as the Sea Urchin Fruit, and is was clear why!

The Rambutan is a relation of the Lychee and once out of it’s fancy coat it looks exactly like a lychee.

Like the Achacha fruit, the Rambutan is grown in North Queensland.

Its nutritional content includes calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin C.

I made the mistake of opening the fruit by cutting it in half, this resulted in me cutting the seed in half, which I latter read is not the way to go, I should have removed the skin with a knife and then nibbled the fruit’s flesh from the stone. I may have got the opening wrong, but at least I didn’t eat the stone, that would have been daft!

The Rambutan cut in half through it's stone

It was no surprise that the flesh was just like that of a Lychee, although I would say the flesh was a little more consolidated and without the overlaps of flesh, if thats the right description.

The taste was very subtle, a sweet juiciness.

It’s always great fun trying something new, especially when you find it delicious. There are still so many fruit and veggies we have yet to try, what will it be next I wonder?

Until our next fruity adventure!

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2 Responses to Getting fruity and trying new things!

  1. Every now and then a Rambutan is a special treat. Although I never slice mine, I eat around the seed as I would a peach.

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