A Frugal twist on Beetroot from Frugal Feeding

Beetroot Cup Cakes made from the recipe by Frugal Feeding

As the wife of a Beetroot mad husband, and don’t under estimate how much my husband loves beetroot, can you imagine my delight when my chum at the Frugal Feeding Blog posted a recipe for Beetroot Cupcakes?

This was two firsts for me, number one was the method of cooking the beetroot, I have only ever known beetroot to be boiled in a pan, this recipe’s method introduced me to baking the beetroot, and it worked well with no steamed up kitchen windows. Number two was the use of beetroot in a sweet cake.

When I showed Hubby the recipe he was enthusiastic about trying these unusual cakes. So into the kitchen I went.

The recipe was pretty simple, and the only variation I made was in the preparation. I blended the cooked beetroots, the leaving them in the blender, I added all the wet ingredients and gave it a good blend until completely smooth. The colour of the wet mix was a beautiful vivid pink, and I was hoping this will result in a pink cake.

When I folded the wet into the dry ingredients the batter mix seemed a little too runny, so I just added a little self raising flour to thicken it to a drop consistency.

As they baked, the cakes rose nicely, but I have to say the aroma of earthy beetroot that greeted me when I opened the oven door was a little bizarre.

The cream cheese topping is what makes this unusual cake work. My first bite had me wondering if you needed to be a beetroot fanatic, like the man sat next to me making all the noises of someone enjoying their grub. But once my head and taste buds were aligned I have to say these cakes are delightful.

The cake is moist, rather like carrot cake, but it has a great texture too. They are filling, so they are a good choice if you don’t want the temptation to be greedy.

“So, did the cake stay as pink as the batter?” I hear you ask.

Sadly, no. There was a pink colour at the very top, but the inside would fool you to think I had added turmeric, which I promise I didn’t.

The Pink on the top of the cake was the only visual evidence of the beetroot

There is only one thing to do with this recipe…. that is to give it a go and try the flavour for yourself.

Go ahead head on over to Frugal Feeding, go get you fingers pink!

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9 Responses to A Frugal twist on Beetroot from Frugal Feeding

  1. What a great idea, so wholesome sounding as well. We have zucchini loaf, so why not beet root? I wonder why the pink didn’t stick around, but it’s quite neat that it’s such a vivid color on the outside? And cream cheese frosting, well, I could eat that straight up with a spoon, so this is a recipe for me:)

  2. Woohoo! Found your blog Susie and didn’t know about it until now. Would you believe that we love beetroot too. I really must try this recipe, especially as it has cream cheese in the icing. (I think that’s why I love carrot cake so much.)

  3. mj monaghan says:

    My wife loves it, but I just can’t eat it. Even in cake – I would, sadly, know what it is.

    Great photos.

  4. importedkiwi says:

    I’ve been experimenting with something like this with the intention to have pretty red cupcakes. They need a lot of acidity to make the red stick. I’ve experimented using lemon juice once and buttermilk another time. And no baking soda should be added (ie, don’t use self-rising flour). My cupcakes have a orange-pink cross section but not a pretty red like the outside. Yet to experiment again…

  5. The Hook says:

    That first shot was actually pretty cool!

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