A trip to the famous Prahran Market in Melbourne

We took a well deserved day off work today and ventured out of the Australian bush and into Melbourne City to do a little bit of “foodie” shopping at Prahran Market.

Prahran Market is Australia’s oldest continually running market and is steeped in history

We have visited Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market several times, and whilst it has it’s own charm we just love Prahran Market.

So, what’s to love? Well, firstly there is the quality and variety of the produce on offer, then add the wonderful atmosphere, and finish off with the friendly, knowledgeable, charsmatic market traders. It’s a recipe for a great shopping experience.

Marty Johnston at J&L Meats

We arrived just in time for lunch, whilst dearest Hubby was tempted by the spicy aromas coming from the Falafel Cart, I was drawn to the The Wooden Spoon Cafe.

Sam at the Wooden Spoon Cafe decided I needed an Expresso Macchiato

Sam at the Wooden Spoon Cafe decided on my coffee choice today.

I was delivered a Macchiato which is an expresso shot stained/marked with milk.

It’s always good to try something new! It was a tasty coffee, but not something I would likely order again, I am still a lover of the Cappuccino it seems.

Lunch at the Wooden Spoon Cafe

Lunch was just superb! A simple freshly made wrap containing sun dried tomatoes, avocado, fresh fancy salad leaves, feta and basil pesto. It was heavenly and I will definately order that again.

Usually I fill up on just half of a wrap, but not this time, I begrudgingly handed over the end of the wrap for Hubby to try, but I could have scoffed the lot!

After filling our bellies our minds were set on our mission. I had won a $50 Voucher in a Photographic Competition held by Prahran Market and we knew where we were going spend it.

Spending my prize voucher at Gary's

Gary’s sells the best beef ever!  So our voucher was set to purchase our Christmas Dinner, an indulgent slab of Fillet Beef.

We also treated ourself to a couple of Porterhouse Steaks to BBQ for our supper tonight. And Hubby selected some chorizo sausages from the broad range of sausages on sale.

Having treated ourselves to the steak we thought we’d better get something nice and fresh to go with it.

The charasmatic Damian Pike

Some large mushrooms from the Mushroom man, Damian Pike, seemed a good choice.

There is nothing Damian doesn’t know about mushrooms. He sells an interesting array of fungi as well as Victorian produce such as white asparagus and black garlic.

Next, we bobbed over to Pino’s for some big juicy tomatoes to add to the grill. All you have to do is tell one of Pino’s team what you are planning to cook and they will fetch you the right variety of veg!

So that’s tonight’s supper sorted, now on to some other shopping. Do you get the feeling we were having a great time!

The last time we shopped at Prahran Market we bought some freshly made pasta from The Fresh Pasta Shop.

Parrardelle Pasta from the Fresh Pasta Shop

I had always thought that making our own pasta was not worth the effort and we have stuck to using dried pasta. However, if you try the Pasta from these guys you’ll discover why all that squeezing dough through one of those pasta gadget is indeed worth the effort. It is delicious!

We decided to try three types of pasta, Tagliatelle, Pappardelle and Linguine.

The Fresh Pasta Shop also stocks a number of quality Italian cheeses, so we splashed out on a block of Parmigiana Cheese to add to our pasta dishes.

Mmm, I’m looking forward to trying it all.

The last items on our list were some sweet strawberries and hubby’s favourite fruit, the good Aussie pineapple.

Golden Pine

Prahran Market is truly a delight for the senses. You can find expert advise from the specialist traders and the courtyard is a nice place to relax and enjoy something to eat and drink.

If you are looking for the unusual then this is likely the place to find it. You can even buy every kind of egg, including Ostrich eggs!

All sorts of eggs, including Ostrich!

The surrounding area is full of heritage architecture and oozes old world Australia. Plus, the fact that there is ample, reasonably priced parking right at the market’s rear entrance makes it an easy trip for us Bush dwellers.

If you are visiting Melbourne try and plan in a visit to Prahran Market. I’d strongly recommend the “Hidden Treasures Tour” a chance to get a personal introduction to the traders and a taste of their quality produce.

Right, I’m off to spark up the Barbie!

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  2. The espresso looks like a vision. I didn’t know ostrich eggs were the equivalent of twenty-four chicken eggs. That is so interesting, thanks for sharing.

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