Under-nourished or over-watered?

I noticed this morning that one of my young Crystal Apple Cucumber plants was looking a little pale and yellow tinged.

The slightly yellow tinged Crystal Apple Cucumber as at 18th November 2011

I feared that maybe they had suffered from over-watering as the irrigation timer appeared to have a mind of it’s own on Tuesday and came on several times during the day, I still haven’t got to the bottom of why it added a number of watering sessions to the usual 3am, 1 minute run!

But from what I have read, it seems that cucumber plants require a plentiful supply of water, and mine sure have had that. So it looks like it’s more a case of the plant needing some extra nutrients.

The plant in question is still in a small pot, those in the larger pots look fine. That could explain the problem, the plant has taken up the nutrients that were available in the small pot, and the roots are likely looking for more space by now.

The RHS Book I have borrowed from the library recommends a regular feed with a balance liquid fertiliser and/or the addition of an organic mulch dressing.

It looks like a trip to the nursery is in order, time to stock up on some plant food and some bigger pots.

Advice always gratefully received by this novice of a gardener!

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