Tomatoes, will I have better luck this time?

Tomatoes, those sweet, juicy, red fruits that shout summer.

Last year was a disaster in regards to our tomato growing efforts. The weather was so wet and the summer didn’t give us that much sunshine. We had minimal numbers to harvest and, more often than not, the slugs got to the fruit before we did.

It was this failure that prompted us to look into getting a greenhouse, we felt this could give us an environment where we had more control.

With our new greenhouse in place, we thought we’d try growing a few different varieties.

From seed we have Gardeners Delight and Tommy Toe.

Tomato seedlings as at the 3rd November 2011

We also purchased two young tomato plants,  a bush variety that tumbles from the pot making for an attractive fruiting plant.

Tumbling Bush Variety as at 13th November 2011

And, for the first time, we are trying a grafted plant, a Grosse Lisse (mid to late season, maturing in about 12 weeks).  It was already a strong well established plant when we bought it and the label promises disease resistance and an abundance of tomatoes.

The information I have read says that the vigorous growth means the plant demands plenty of water, fertiliser and space, especially for it’s height, which can be about 2 metres.

Grafted Tomato Plant as of 3rd November 2011

Grafted Grosse Lisse as at the 13th November 2011. The first flowers have arrived

You’ll notice I am using companion plants in the greenhouse. As a deterrent to pests I have sown some marigold seeds at the base of the plant and popped in some of the basil seedlings I have raised from seed.

I have used an organic potting compost for vegetables and am giving the plants a weekly water with Seasol seaweed solution.

So with my fingers crossed, I am hoping for a successful tomato harvest in 2012. Wish me luck!

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