What a Drip!

With a short holiday approaching and so much good stuff going on in the greenhouse, we decided we really ought to get an automatic irrigation system set up to keep our plants from going thirsty in our absence.

So, we headed off to Bunnings last night to quickly pick up the bits we needed.

Well, that turned into a whole soap opera! The lady in the gardening section is always really helpful, and bless her she must have looked at us and thought we were not really cut out to install an irrigation system.

The lady ran about collecting bits and pieces and explained in extraordnarily detail how and why these things worked. She even lay out the four corner connectors and mimed out where the pipework should go.

We smiled at each other and just enjoyed the entertainment value. For a couple that has installed a complete plumbing system to a house renovation project, we believe we can manage a very small greenhouse irrigation project.

So, some 90 minutes later we were at the checkout with a small box of components and tubing.

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Today has been “installation day”. The weather has managed to stay dry which has made a change.

We found the water tank outlet hose and cut into this and brought it up into the greenhouse. We made a point of putting the tap the opposite side to where the electricity comes in.

Having cleared the gravel around the perimeter of  the greenhouse, the feed pipe was run right around to form a loop, and yes, we did use the four corner connectors as described by our friend at Bunnings!

With this in place it was time to punch into the feed pipe and add the micro hoses that serve the drip fittings that sit in the pots.

Although fiddly at times, and time consuming, it was all very easy and the reward is just great when you turn the tap slightly and all the little drippers start doing their thing.

The timer is attached to the tap and will be set for the system to run for a short time each night.

This system should help keep water usage down as it is so targetted. Hopefully the water being delivered at the base of the plant, and at night when the temperature has dropped, will help reduce the risk of moulds and/or leaf burn.

The proof of the pudding will be whether all our wonderful plants are still alive and thriving when we get back from our short break, let’s hope so!

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