Our first greenhouse

For many years we have wanted a greenhouse. A place to get seedlings started early when the weather outside is still cold. A place to try to grow some previously untried plants.

I am not sure a greenhouse is a common thing here in Australia as the summers are hot I can imagine keeping the environment suitable for growing could be a challenge.

But, when we saw the chance to buy a greenhouse on eBay at a good price, we thought, let’s give it a go.

We secured our greenhouse at a very reasonable price, and the quality and strength of the delivered item reflects that cheap price. But, we are not disappointed it is nice looking and will certainly serve our needs.

Our thoughts are that if we have success, if we enjoy the greenhouse gardening experience, then we can always invest in a sturdy, but higher priced greenhouse later on, we have the room.

In choosing a site for the 12 x 8 foot greenhouse we confess to ignoring the guidelines we had read online. We felt that proximity to water and electricity was an important issue. We also felt that being in unshaded sunshine all day would be a mistake with the hot summers possible here.

We chose to site it right next to water tanks, it would have easy access their water and an outside electrical point sits by the tanks and gets morning sunshine before being shaded by our neighbours tree by mid early afternoon.

We spent a day digging a level spot and cemented in the base frame. It was a fiddly job putting the greenhouse together and I’d be fibbing if I said we didn’t miss some bolts and parts. We have ordered some cropped headed bolts and nuts so we can add the bits we missed.

We have run a weather proof electrical socket into the greenhouse to power the propagator. There is  tank water outlet pipe running under the greenhouse also, so we can tap into that to feed an irrigation system.

To keep it simple we simply covered the floor with a weed sheet and have coated this with terracotta pebbles, thus allowing drainage and a clean floor to work on.

The next big question is, what shall we grow in our new greenhouse?

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