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A snap happy day in Melbourne

As I packed up my camera gear in readiness for my day with Australian Photo Tours the following day, the rain was hammering on the roof and flooding the gutters. I felt a sense that the Melbourne weather may choose … Continue reading

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Getting prepared for my next Photographic Tour of Melbourne City

I’m off on another Photography Tour of Melbourne tomorrow. This one is a little more advanced than the one I did in July, so I need to brush up on the basics and also make sure I know what the … Continue reading

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A trip to the famous Prahran Market in Melbourne

We took a well deserved day off work today and ventured out of the Australian bush and into Melbourne City to do a little bit of “foodie” shopping at Prahran Market. Prahran Market is Australia’s oldest continually running market and … Continue reading

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It’s Broad Bean harvest time!

We had never bothered to try broad beans until last year. When we arrived at our new home the veggie patch had a number of crops developing, one of these was some beautifully fragrant broad beans. I would be weeding … Continue reading

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Under-nourished or over-watered?

I noticed this morning that one of my young Crystal Apple Cucumber plants was looking a little pale and yellow tinged. I feared that maybe they had suffered from over-watering as the irrigation timer appeared to have a mind of … Continue reading

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A Day at Heronswood, the home of the Diggers Club

November 15th, 2011, I took a drive down the Mornington Peninsular to visit Heronswood Gardens. I woke to a glorious morning, making for a good start to the day. And, with camera packed I headed off for the 90 minute drive … Continue reading

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I get DKNY, so what the heck is NPK?

Anyone who knows me will know I am not easily impressed by posh designer labels. Yeah I like quality products, but never get swayed into a purchase just because it’s a “label”. So, whilst I have heard of DKNY and … Continue reading

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Getting Bush Fire Ready!

It’s always a good job getting the garden cleared and looking a little more loved. But for us it is an annual “must-do”. We live in a area of high risk for bush fires and it is important to prepare … Continue reading

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Tomatoes, will I have better luck this time?

Tomatoes, those sweet, juicy, red fruits that shout summer. Last year was a disaster in regards to our tomato growing efforts. The weather was so wet and the summer didn’t give us that much sunshine. We had minimal numbers to … Continue reading

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What a Drip!

With a short holiday approaching and so much good stuff going on in the greenhouse, we decided we really ought to get an automatic irrigation system set up to keep our plants from going thirsty in our absence. So, we … Continue reading

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